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Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

Saw this in another discussion, adding here for reference ( this is a BBC source ),

old medic said:
BBC Magazine has a new (25 Nov 2016) article on Walts.


"He also says that people who wear medals won by relatives, to honour their memory, would not face prosecution."

I was just wondering, I think cadets used to be allowed. I personally don't thing it would be a good idea because you did not personally earn them and it is glorifying the war. well that is why my papa never wore his after the war because he was not proud of them and they reminded him of what he had to do.

Anyway, just wondering because I have like 16 at home from 3 of my family members. If I were to get all of them, it would be impossible to wear them. lol

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You may display them as in a picture box frame or a similar mount. You may NOT wear them on your person.