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Almost half of Canadian employees are ready to walk out the door

mariomike said:
Either that, or transfer to Moosonee. ( I guess? ) With us, it was Scarborough.  :(

I was already in the far northwest.  I've been to Moosonee although not working.  They could never send me far enough north to scare me.  Although I had a great career in a variety of roles, in hindsight I could have easily stayed north and been quite happy (the missus, perhaps not so much but I was single at the time).  The 'bad boss' reaction was more me not having the maturity and skill sets at the time to deal with it properly.  I came to learn he wasn't the only one I would encounter.

We in the deployed services always chuckled when we heard a member from TPS or another GTA service complaining that they had been transferred - to a place that is still a local phone call.