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Army.ca is a family of Defence related websites that includes:

  • Army.ca
  • Navy.ca
  • Air-Force.ca
  • Milnet.ca

Through these sites, Army.ca has been providing free services to those interested in Canada's military since 1993. Army.ca has attracted a notable portion Canada’s serving members by offering features such as discussion forums, military quotes, photo gallery, and more.

Army.ca sees a variety of visitors with an interest in Canada’s military, ranging from civilians, new and potential recruits, serving members of all ranks, and the media.

Army.ca is used by all ranks of the CAF to pass ideas up and down the chain of command or to open up frank discussion on the issues facing Canada's military today. Through this sustained use, Army.ca has become a key resource for sharing news and information on Canada’s military.


Army.ca was created to provide information about the Canadian Military to:

  • past and present members of the military
  • potential recruits
  • military and civilian organizations
  • anyone with an interest in Canada's military


Army.ca first came online in December of 1993, under the name of The Canadian Army Home Page. At the time, it was Canada's first military site on the Internet. Since that time, the page has grown considerably, and is always in some stage of development. Much of the information has come from visitors to the page, who have graciously taken the time to contribute information, making a much better site.

Army.ca currently consists of thousands of pages containing of a wide variety of information and from a number of sources.


Army.ca is owned and maintained Mike Bobbitt, with the generous help of many Staff, senior members and subscribers.

Army.ca is funded through subscriptions and advertising.


Army.ca is a private effort, and is in no way sponsored by or connected to the Department Of National Defence, the Canadian Forces, or any other military organization. Army.ca is not supported in any manner, either official or unofficial. As a result, it often does not get the time or resources that it often requires, however it also means that it can operate without the worry of following official administrative guidelines and restrictions.

Despite this freedom, Army.ca attempts to provide accurate and timely information of interest to serving and potential members of the CF, however any information obtained from this page comes "as is" and it's accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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