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The Missing Chopstick


Puggled and Wabbit Scot.
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In the name of all that's holy! Why wasn't that chopstick registered?

She claimed Mr Mayo had pulled the chopstick out when she tried to apologise to him in the street and held it up to her neck, at which point she pulled the knife out of her pocket.


No wooden chopstick was found in the area during the subsequent police investigation.

Richard Kimball had his one-armed man.
US crime dramas hinge on the missing gun.
In today's Britain the police search for chopsticks. Monty Python would be so proud.

Topping it off the murderer, the woman who stabbed the alleged chopstick wielding assailant was a 28 year old lawyer and Extinction Rebellion associate.

This may have had something to do with it.

The court previously heard how the pair rowed while under the influence of heroin, cocaine and cannabis in the back garden of Wallace’s home in Mortlake, south west London, on July 18 last year.

It is to cry.
If it weren't so tragic your reference to Monty Python would be funny.

Having said that maybe he was armed with a banana and not a pointed stick?