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Military historian walks from Tofino to Langley to commemorate lives lost in Korea


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Military historian walks from Tofino to Langley to commemorate lives lost in Korea​

Black came through Parksville on Monday, April 12

One man’s ongoing 300-kilometre journey to honour the Canadian lives lost during the Battle of Kapyong in Korea brought him through Parksville on Monday,

Guy Black, a military historian from Coquitlam, has already walked from Tofino to Parksville and will continue to his final destination in Langley.
He started his trek on Wednesday, April 7, at the Kap’Yong Memorial on Radar Hill and aims to complete his journey by 11 a.m. on Friday, April 16, at the Gapyeong Stone Korean War Memorial in Langley.

He said he’s always wanted to do a long-distance walk to mark a Korean War anniversary, and that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Kapyong in 1951.

“There was a Canadian battalion that held back Chinese soldiers from invading further south into Korea and capturing the capital city of Seoul. The Canadian soldiers stood alone on this hill and fought for two days. The odds were like seven-to-one.”

Ten Canadians died during the battle, said Black, including one British Columbian. During his trek, he will wear a shirt with the fallen Canadian soldiers’ names, to serve as a reminder for their sacrifice.

His goal to walk approximately 30 kilometres per day will take him from Parksville to Nanaimo along the Island Highway on Monday.
The day before, he started close to MacMillan Provincial Park, just before Cameron Lake, and through Whiskey Creek to Parksville.
“I’ve walked through one day of heavy snow and rain in the mountains by Tofino, and I just keep going,” he said.

Throughout his journey, Black has his son to keep him company as he drives the family’s motorhome and cooks meals for his father.
Black can be reached by email at korea19501953@yahoo.com for anyone who would like to reach out to him.
I'd do it on the Harley..... it would leave more time for reading. 🤓