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  • Doctor says my health is fine and should not affect my future even though my blood levels are slightly abnormal.
    Heeeeey so I might have leukemia, blood cancer, or bone marrow failure according to my blood doctor. Now I have to have a bone marrow aspiration and a bone marrow biopsy… why me, man-
    So, now I have to see a hematologist because my platelets are extremely low and we have to find out why. I hope it is nothing serious and I can still serve one day...
    I guess my biggest fear is the fear of failure and messing up because of my ADHD and the iceberg of symptoms it can affect.
    I hope to one day be better at contributing to this place with advice. Need more experience in life me thinks.
    Finished Bold Eagle program this summer! Now I wait to hear back from the regiment I wish to join.
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