The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment
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The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment

Armorial Description

A maple leaf charged with a beaver, encircled by an annulus, inscribed THE LAKE SUPERIOR SCOTTISH REGIMENT and surmounted by the Crown; below a scroll inscribed INTER PERICULA INTREPIDI; on each side of the annulus, six maple leaves.

Official Abbreviation: Lake Sup Scot R

Motto: Inter Pericula Intrepidi (Fearless in the face of danger)

Battle Honours (34)

First World War

    YPRES, 1915
    YPRES, 1917
    Fustubert, 1915
    Scarpe, 1918
    SOMME, 1916
    Ancre Heights
    Canal du Nord
    Arras, 1917
    Arras, 1918
    CAMBRAI, 1918
    VIMY, 1917
    HILL 70
    France and Flanders, 1915-1918
Second World War
    Falaise Road
    The Laison
    Bad Zwischenahn
    NORTH-WEST EUROPE, 1944-1945

Tartan: MacGillivary

Authorized March: The Highland Laddie

Regimental Headquarters:
The Armoury
317 Park Ave.
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 1C7

Honourary Colonel: Colonel P.R. "Jerry" Cook,OStJ,CD
Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel: Lieutenant-Colonel Catherine Paterson,DStJ,DStL
Commanding Officer: Major Donald P.M. Strang,CD
Regimental Sergeant-Major: Master Warrant Officer David J. Coffey,CD
The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment perpetuates the following Regiments:

The Provisional Battalion of Rifles
96th District of Algoma Battalion of Rifles
96th Algoma Rifles
96th The Lake Superior Regiment
52nd, 94th and 141st Battaions, CEF
The Lake Superior Regiment (Motor)

Brief History

The Regiment was raised 30 Apr 1885 and designated The Provisional Battalion of Rifles at Port Arthur, Ontario. It was redesignated the 96th District of Algoma Battalion of Rifles 29 Apr 1887. On 3 Jul 1904 is was renamed the 96th Lake Superior Regiment and redesignated The Lake Superior Regiment 15 Mar 1920. 26 Jan 1943 it became The Lake Superior Regiment (Motor) and on 29 Jun 1949 it was granted approval to become "Scottish", being called The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (Motor), and 11 Apr 1958 it adopted its present title, The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment. During World War I it sent drafts of over 400 soldiers each to the 8th and 28th Battalions, CEF, raised the 52nd, 94th, and 141st Battalions, the latter two being reinforcement Battalions for "The Fighting 52nd".

The LSSR's Colours

Order of Precedence: 33


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Today in Military History

February 23


Sir George Prevost, commanding British forces in Canada, submits a progress report to the British government on the Lachine Canal project.


Texas - General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna with several thousand Mexican troops starts siege of Alamo mission held by 145 Texans under Colonel Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett; siege ends March 6 with all the Texans killed.


Capetown South Africa - British troopship HMS Birkenhead sinks off South Africa, killing 420.


At Sultanpore in India, Lieutenant Innes of the Bengal Engineers rode ahead of the advancing British troops to drive the enemy away from an artillery piece. He then charged a second gun, which was being more resolutely manned and was well placed to maul the advancing troops. Innes killed a gunner and captured the gun, which he then defended until reinforcements arrived. He received the Victoria Cross, as did Major Gough, decorated for a series of actions over the previous months, culminating in a skirmish on 23 February when he saved the life of a fellow officer.


During the Boer War, a British colonel fell wounded in the open. Boer snipers kept his body under close watch, and drove back any attempts to reach him. The colonel himself sustained a further eight wounds. Private Curtis of the East Surrey Regiment nevertheless was determined to rescue him. After several aborted attempts, Curtis managed to reach the colonel, and proceeded to dress his wounds, all the time under constant fire. The colonel insisted that he be left, since the risks of carrying him were so high. Curtis ignored him, and managed to carry him back to the British lines, helped by another man who succeeded in coming to his aid. Curtis was awarded the Victoria Cross.


J. A. D. McCurdy flies the Bell designed Silver Dart at an altitude of about 10 metres for nearly one kilometre across Baddeck Bay; first airplane flight in Canada by a Canadian; first powered flight in British Empire.


As British forces once more advanced up the Tigris towards Kut in Mesopotamia, Major Wheeler led a small party of nine Gurkhas across the river and stormed an enemy position. The Turks reacted swiftly to this incursion, and dispatched a force well armed with grenades to retake the trench. The Gurkhas met them with a bayonet charge, during which Wheeler received a severe bayonet wound to the head. Nevertheless, he remained in command and consolidated his defences, having established through his initiative a valuable bridge-head on the enemy bank. He was awarded the Victoria Cross.


Japanese occupy China North of the Great Wall


Ellwood California - Japanese submarine fires on California oil refinery.


Captain Swales, South African Air Force, serving with 582 Squadron RAF, was appointed the Master Bomber to lead a raid on Pforzheim. As he circled the target, controlling the bombing runs, his Lancaster was twice attacked by German fighters. Swales chose not to take evasive action, since this would have interfered with his control of the raid. Two of the Lancaster's engines were knocked out, as well as the rear turret. Swales nevertheless continued to direct the bombing with great accuracy, and only turned for home once the raid was complete. On the way back, the badly damaged aircraft hit turbulent cloud over Belgium, and became uncontrollable. Swales ordered his crew to bail out, whilst he struggled to hold the aircraft steady. They all parachuted safely, but Swales had no opportunity to escape before the Lancaster crashed. He was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross, Bomber Command's last such decoration.


Iwo Jima Japan - US Marines take Japanese island of Iwo Jima 1200 km south of Tokyo after severe fighting; a bronze statue in Arlington Cemetery showing troops raising the flag on the summit of the island is based on a famous photo.


Canadian troops with 27th British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade make first contact with enemy.

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