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Osama Bin Laden Dead

If its true then good, hope you roast in hell. >:D
Well, there's the excuse I needed to crack a fresh bottle of single malt teenager. Ya.... friggin'....hoo :salute:!!!!!
Looks legit.  It's on CBC and CNN right now.
I was 7 years old.. when I asked my parents what was going on, on TV on september 11th.. I remember it so vividly! And now he is finally gone.


- Mike
I don't think he's been more than a vision for the last five or six years. AQ seems to be fractured into different orgs that don't seem to be working in sync.

I'm certainly not going to boo hoo the fact and will raise more than a couple of glasses, but Obama better role out irrefutable evidence in the initial announcement. I want to see the body and positive DNA evidence. Even then, given the US penchant for coverups, I'd prefer an independent, neutral analysis from an outside the US scientific agency. Otherwise, doubt will still be out there, which means bin Laden lives in the minds of the faithful.

As I said, he hasn't seemed to have had a grip for some time. I doubt whether AQ will stop to mourn his passing. Some may even celebrate with us, although for their own reasons.
Good stuff! I just happened to be watching TV that morning Sept, 2011 and watched it all happen live.  Glad a part of this evil chapter is over.

Apparently he was in a mansion on the outskirts of Islamibad......oooohhh....is NATO going to come down hard, $$ wise, on Pakistan if it can be proven they sheltered him....
Hope they gibbet the body for the 10 year anniversary. I know, I'm a monster. Quel domage.

Allahu akbar

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I for one hope the body is cremated and fused into the porcelain of a toilet for public use.
Glad to hear that he is finally dead. However he died, it couldn't have happened sooner. I can tell you I'll be raising some glasses to this next weekend!  ;D
HavokFour said:
I for one hope the body is cremated and fused into the porcelain of a toilet for public use.

Put it at ground zero, and charge people like, 50 bucks to use it. Donate money to 9/11 charities.
Hope they also roasted more of his AQ cronies.....


Today, the world is a better place.      :salute: