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    Did you want to join the army growing up?

    I remember training a few Young female Recruits. They were 16 and 17 years old. Very timid, not very strong physically. Mentally were developing. After basic and even more so trades training, they all grew in extremely positive ways. Even their Parents I talked to mentioned how much their...
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    Our North - SSE Policy Update Megathread

    The US was told to leave Germany, so they did. (down sized significantly) I think it was Norway and Denmark offered to store their equipment. At the time Trump told Germany and Europe they better change their decision to downsize their Militaries as Putin was threatening to reunite the Former...
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    NDP Abandons Ship

    Like John Horgan went to work for Tech Coal after he bashed them for years.
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    Our North - SSE Policy Update Megathread

    I wonder if that's the deal Bombardier and Saudi were trying to get the Canadian Government to assist with?
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    The War in Ukraine

    Maybe Ukraine should declare Russia as theirs historically and take back their land. Move the capitol of Russia back to Kiev. Would that not be a plot twist.
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    CAN Secur/Int Committee: Time to Fix RCMP Federal Policing pgm

    Lets face it the RCMP are not willing to give up the amount of money they are paid for Municipal Policing. They will not walk away from 2/3rd of their budget. Especially if Provinces set up their own support services and do not require the RCMP national programs and further reduce funding.
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    LAV 6.0

    I would like to see the LAV 6 in the tracked variant they did with the Stryker TR. The protection level if the LAV6 is pretty decent, if you added an armor package similar to the Bradley I wonder how well it would compare.
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    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    the difference being the US has ships, lots of ships. We have a few ships no many ships. The US delays by a couple of years oh well. We delay by a coupe of years and it actually means crippling our force. Irving is not the right company to be building our ships. From the beginning its been a...
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    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    Some of you are thinking these protesters have something to loose, and afraid to riot. They will play the victim card until they gain some more support. Then the real protests will start. Sadly this is only the beginning, its going to get worse.
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    I would use the term off road loosely with that setup. Cool suspension with individual height adjustment for each wheel, tire inflation system. Independent wheel torque on some models. From what I have witnessed once they hit more then a logging road they snap planetary drives very easily...
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    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    Lol I seen police arrest/ detain people for much less. The bail comment was more of joke..... but is it?
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    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    Lol you'll sitting in a cell waiting for bail to be paid if you did what she did.
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    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    I know 120mm can get a RAP round, but not sure their range still comes close to 105mm on charge 7 or if they use a RAP round. We need a low cost solution like the BM 21/ mini or BM30 launcher. We can fix precision heads on them if required. Canada will never invest in something kind of...
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    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    Minister Melanie Joly was one of the Minister who is/ was suppose to get police protection. Kind of interesting she does not. Or this may have been staged to get her more protection.
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    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    She assaulted him. Plain as day but she is getting a free pass due to her position. He was riding a bike, there were other pedestrians in the sidewalk. She had a chance to turn away but did not. She reached out and grabbed his phone. If this was you or I grabbing the phone it would have been...
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    South Alberta Light Horse Regiment to amalgamate with larger reserve force

    SE MB, southern Sk, all of Ab and Ne BC see those weights regularly. Not that much weight in terms of equipment moving down the roads here.
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    South Alberta Light Horse Regiment to amalgamate with larger reserve force

    A blended program I think is most effective. You can get alot of training and admin done in a 3-4 hr period. Lots of people fighting out of Toyota pickups. At least in a van you could be dry. Most military equipment struggles to stay working. At least you could go get parts at the local...
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    South Alberta Light Horse Regiment to amalgamate with larger reserve force

    I would keep the one evening a week training night and adhere to a one weekend a month plan. I know in past as budgets got cut so did the weekend training and eventually the one evening a week. Training nights could be pretty decent if and when you have the proper equipment. We could do...
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    South Alberta Light Horse Regiment to amalgamate with larger reserve force