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    Senate Committee: Reserves to be Pressed to Meet AFG Commitment by 2009

    No, after doing the better part of a year with reserve augmentees, my opinion of them as soldiers has changed significantly from this time last year. Individual reservists are not the problem. Given as much training as we have here in certain parts of the Reg F, reservists have just as much...
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    Senate Committee: Reserves to be Pressed to Meet AFG Commitment by 2009

    It has been my experience that most reservists who are volunteering for deployments are unemployed, or marginally so. They have few military or civilian skills in most cases. That's why they have the time to be deployed! They do work up with their units as augmentees - and our workup training...
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    Will the C17s Make it to the Ramp?

    It is extremely refreshing to have a poster of recent experience and knowledge on the board - I for one thank you for these informative posts. (even if you are a pilot  :))
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    Senate Committee: Reserves to be Pressed to Meet AFG Commitment by 2009

    IMHO, the lengthy workup times are not negotiable. Many reservists (and some reg F mbrs as well) bring very little to the table in terms of useful soldier skills that are relevant in the current operational context. This is not their fault, just a reality of a lack of resources and training...
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    The Curse of Cultural Awareness

    All of the above. On the other hand - maybe this could be a method for devoutly muslim women to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt their strict adherence to cultural practices as they interpret them from a holy book - voluntary female circumcision. When a woman is 18, allow her to make the...
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    Will the C17s Make it to the Ramp?

    Can anyone confirm if the four new C-17s are configured for static line parachuting - or have the capability? I know the US ones are used for jumping....
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    Medics in Afghanistan on frontline

    Beneficial to whom? It takes weeks to get a patrol medic up to speed with the unit they will be working with in the light infantry context, and it takes that medic a few tries to get their distribution of kit, personal gear and weapons to where they need to be - just like the rest of us. It is...
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    Rick Mercer Fights Back!

    I was sure that as of 12 Jan 07, the count was 42. I guess research is becoming a lost art at MUN, when even the profs forget how to do it. 36 men died last year alone - does'nt that warrant some news coverage - especially at christmas?
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    Extreme heat in army tanks endangers troops; forces use tank blanket to keep troops from baking

    Temps in Kandahar can reach 60C in the shade - no veh required. Strangely enough, dismounted/light infantry have been climbing up and down mountains with rucksacks, helmets and body armour since 2002 in this same heat, with great success so I'd hardly class this as a "critical requirement"...
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    CBC's the Passionate Eye in Afghanistan

    Some limey ;). Seriously though, I watched that last night - I thought it was balanced, not really in favor or against either side. Not a bad way to spend an hour.
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    Tories to unveil new ad campaign

    I think the biggest problem for the good guys is that the opposition will refer to them (and the press will parrot it) as "american style attack ads". Pointing to Dion's own, and his party's miserable failings on the environment portfolio should have been sufficient. The facts speak for...
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    Tacvest Mods

    The problem with the TV is that it is/was the "pet project" of a certain Major in DLR. It was supposed to be his crowning achievement to make this vest to be all and end all. We told him it was a POS at every turn, and were ignored. The problem with the TV is the enormous and fragile egos of...
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    news story on medals

    Agreed! - but when you get a medal (lets just use the SWASM) and then you get another one (random choice - Bronze Star) for doing the exact same work in the exact same place, and then you get the St. John's of Jerusalem medal on top of that, that one guy got three medals for the same tour. Since...
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    FWSAR (CC130H, Buffalo, C27J, V22): Status & Possibilities

    I don't know - I seem to remember some "slightly used" subs we bought from those guys... :-\
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    I got a horse

    I think you mean Tack in reference to Equine appliances and Tactical in reference to the vest.
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    news story on medals

    I suppose the difference is that it is was/is expected for the Senior Leadership to heap awards on each other for performing their duties in this country and abroad. Insofar, it is not that big a deal to see it. We all know that virtually every officer above the rank of Captain will be...
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    news story on medals

    Teddy, We've had this one out before, but Worthington is not lying about any of this. The Bronze Stars, for whatever reason, were awarded to the Senior Officers and CSMs and up on Op Apollo. The snipers got the four valour appliances, the others did not. You seem to relish continually...
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    Will the army match RRSP contributions in the full time forces.

    Nope. The contract that was offered to me was the IE25. I'm not too concerned about it, according to the last few questions in the Q+A portion of the website, and the pension "expert" who came to the Bn, those of us who were signed to a 25 yr as opposed to a 20 yr will likely be able to get out...
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    Will the army match RRSP contributions in the full time forces.

    The underlined quote was what I was most concerned about! Still on track to retire in 2024!
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    Dropped out to join, thinking about getting out to finish school - Opinions?

    Finish your BMQ, then get out, go home and finish high school. Part time education at any level is difficult in the CF, because you will still be a very busy soldier during the day, and an even busier student at night. If you struggled with the commitment to high school when that was all you...