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    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    I suspect the reported losses are due to Russia focusing on Western kit, and the easily identifiable nature of the kit.
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    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    I suspect that Western weapons manufacturers also fell into the counter insurgency trap, and assumed future wars would be low intensity. I suspect a few "whiz-bang" Western systems are being proved insufficient/inefficient for a peer-on-peer conflict.
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    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    The CCFR was formed as a direct result of the dysfunction of the NFA. There were shenanigans in the NFA regarding the board of directors, and where money was being spent. I stick with the CCFR, despite their semi-frequent gaffes, because they come across as the most reasonable and accessible...
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    Photo from KSVI-TV shows a massive Chinese spy balloon over Montana

    I suspect that the radar cross-section of a latex balloon with a few sensors isn't very large... Which is why China would attempt something like this in the first place. The problem with balloons is that to lift any weight at all you need a lot of volume, which makes them large visual targets...
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    Groundhog Day 2023

    I suspect that if Bill Murray hadn't been in a cult classic movie, Groundhog day would have died a few decades ago...
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    Meet the GM Defense ISV Army Truck

    I suspect a lot of the COTS isn't good enough sentiment comes from a place of Western privilege. We haven't really had to fight a war in a long time, so we expect our army cars to be perfect, rather than "good enough". I also suspect a lot of the 5/4 ton love is coming from a view tinted by...
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    New (2022) CAF recruiting ad

    This is the way,
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    "In Atlanta, a glimpse of why ‘defund the police’ has faltered"

    Kinsella may not be the brightest bulb, but he is entirely right on this topic. The solution to crime isn't less police, it's more police in more places.
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    Trudeau Popularity - or not. Nanos research

    A fair chunk of that 31% is the dyed in the wool Liberals. Stalin could be running and they'd vote LPC rather than CPC, the CPC might privatize healthcare or ban abortions don't ya know...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    A large number of Russians and their allies will come home from the war with a taste for rape and torture, and the Russian people will suffer because of it for decades.
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    Meet the GM Defense ISV Army Truck

    The Bronco does anything a Jeep does, even with IFS, and has the size to fit people and kit in it. The CAF won't be rock crawling, so the extra articulation a solid front axel provides isn't really a game changer. Anything the CAF buys will have all the electronics of a modern vehicle, we...
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    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    They're asleep, in bed beside the CCP.
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    ah... but that's not how a Command Team works anywhere else in the CAF, it's a navy bastardization of the concept.
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    China's Vancouver consulate recruits volunteer corps, raising concerns

    I suspect the CCP was smart enough to work both the LPC and CPC, so neither would want to air the dirty laundry. Politicians aren't interested in what's best for Canada, they're interested in what's best for them.
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    Few things are more grating than listening to a CWO/CPO 1 ramble on about the Chief Corps... As far as working at the Strat level goes, the whole point of having Snr NCMs in the room is to have their perspective, not just to have a group of Snr NCMs indoctrinated into the hivemind. I support...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Also, Vancouver Island is a nicer place to be than anywhere in Alberta, particularly Nov-Apr.
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    I haven't done ALP yet, but I've never heard anyone describe it as useful or enjoyable. Even PLQ and ILP have people who find them useful, but ALP seems like a course designed so the CAF can assign a credential for the sake of a credential. At the CPO 2 level networking, and interacting with...
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    Have you considered a degree from Algonquin Collage? It gets brought up so often when talking about career advancement I'm sure it must be the key to leadership...
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    As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I don't think recruits today are asking "Why?" more, it's just a perception that leaders have when they are the ones giving direction. I had to remind my young Millennial Cpls and MCpl to answer when the Ptes/Avrs asked "Why?". It wasn't because of a...