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    A General Warned of an Impending War with China. Airmen Under His Command Say it Was 'Inappropriate'

    the average person on the street, will only see the General and his 4 stars. They will see some one who is suppose to be an expert and has inside knowledge of events and actions. DOD says he misspoke Generals can be wrong but who knows this might actually happen
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    Museum Donations?

    I do not think my grandfathers medals and logbooks are of great interest to anyone or any group for historical or history making decisions. He grew up in Oak Lake Manitoba. It was and is a very small town. He joined the RCAF to be a pilot, and he was most proud of being a navigator after he...
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    What book are you reading now?

    I am not reading it, but my 10 year old son is reading the book " The Battle of Lundy's Lane: On the Niagara in 1814 by Donald E. Graves" He is really enjoying it. He wants a road trip this summer to see the battle field. Maybe Canadian History bug has bit him. Can only hope
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    Museum Donations?

    No Now you have me curious when I get home tonight I will have to double check and see what the clasp is, I thought he was awarded it twice. From what I recall, he was in North Africa, then India and Burma, then back to North Africa. He was RCAF then attached to a RAF SQD 194 the Friendly...
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    Museum Donations?

    The medals are not the medals collectors get excited about, no DSO, DFC or VC they are common medals other the North Africa Star with 2nd Clasp From what I read not many clasps were given Just value to his family and maybe his community
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    Museum Donations?

    They are 10,10 and 12 They want everything at this age. Maybe one of them will be interested in the future but I want to make sure they have a back up home more than anything I wanted a lot of things as a kid but as an adult I realize I do not have interest or space
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    Museum Donations?

    Has anyone here ever donated medals, flight log books, etc to a local museum? My grandfather was Air Force in the Second World War ( flying Officer RCAF ) , then Navy Reserve after the war as he went to college, then rejoined the Army as an Officer in the RCOC, was lied to when he joined there...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    The Greek fleet of tanks, wheeled, and tracked vehicles is huge. How do they do it? That is my main question?
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    How can the Greeks do this and maintain a fleet of tanks with the Defense budget of $5.03 Billion in US funds in 2020, and $8.4 Billion in US funds in 2021? They have 170 Leo 2A6, 183 Leo 2A4, and 520 Leo 1A5 models plus 100 M60A3 TT, plus another 279 in storage, plus the 392 M48A5. How do...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Guessing some working units were found and maintainers are going to be working over time to get more ready , too bad the CAF does not pay over time. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/defence-minister-to-announce-canada-sending-4-tanks-to-ukraine-sources-1.6247335
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    Joining the Reserves... or not?

    Get your foot in the door, keep the positive thinking hat on and ask questions. Never know what will happen between now the the time you are sworn and in pass basic. A good first impression at the Unit goes a long way
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    Chicago Police Make You Buy Your Own Side Arm. So Do Other Departments Across the US

    I have to ask, what would you bring to work if allowed?
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    Chicago Police Make You Buy Your Own Side Arm. So Do Other Departments Across the US

    the recruits are required to buy the sidearm. some police services offer an allowance for such things. one even had police buying own bullets.
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    Hospital ship for Canada

    One problem for this ship. Once staffed and operational. Would host nations accept our medical teams? I remember reading some where Hurricane hit Florida and we sent ships etc and medical teams and some of our staff was not allowed to do medical duties because of red tape. I do not recall all...
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    Chicago Police Make You Buy Your Own Side Arm. So Do Other Departments Across the US

    I was reading a news story and decided to read more on the use of firearms by police in the US and these links came up. https://www.police1.com/police-products/firearms/articles/glocks-required-for-chicago-pd-recruits-woOdyzBlVK6bLZyb/...
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    10 killed in shooting near Los Angeles after Lunar New Year festival

    For the weekend a website is reporting 34 people hurt, 11 killed in 3 events on Sunday, and plus this event Saturday. For the month they are reporting 117 wounded, 43 killed at mass shooting events. Chicago PD are reporting 30 people shot, 6 dead over the weekend. I was thinking the TV Show...
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    Other than looking at the Leopards on display at Petawawa Memorial Garden, the War Museum, and other display units. I know very little. What is the training time given to Canadian crew member to learn his job? Gunner? Driver? Crew Commander loader? Now compared to the M1A2 or what ever the...
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    Australia to become major hub for US submarines

    most likely we are not included because they know we have no interest from the political masters for nuke boats of any kind. I remember the white paper of the 1990s? They suggested Nuke boats and everyone took that as weapons not as the drive system. It was over before the ink dried on the...
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    getting off course

    Courses and actual army life are 2 different things. Courses are made to be stressful, you are there to learn, get dirty, work as a team and then when the course is over life changes. I hatred my time on Leadership course back in 1992, wanted to go home and do the walk of shame that I was sent...
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    Was anyone traveling thru Texas?

    I figured there was a simple answer for this. But still rather funny. Much nice case then the canvas wrap we had in the 1990s