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  1. Blackadder1916

    US military's vulnerabilities vs. China, Russia

    Ah yes, it must have been the recognition by Canada in 1970 that convinced the rest of the world. Or were we 20 years late in accepting reality? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/07/britain-recognises-communist-government-of-china-1950 7 January 1950: Unconditional recognition of Mao...
  2. Blackadder1916

    Stephen Harper joined ex-spymasters in company investing in Israeli security tech

    To see who he is playing with . . . https://www.awzventures.ca/awz-team.html
  3. Blackadder1916

    Why Leadership Training Doesn't Work

    In the catch-phraseology of training I prefer "See one, Do one, Teach one" (SODOTO). It applies equally to developing leaders (particularly at the junior level) as it does to continuous instruction (apprenticeship model) in technique and procedure.
  4. Blackadder1916

    VIDEO: MPs express annoyance at twerking dance routine at Naval event

    The new standard for a ship's commissioning ceremony (HMAS Supply) . . . guess the dancers didn't make it past the editing stage. It's not like there isn't a naval tradition of music and dance.
  5. Blackadder1916

    Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    I only glanced at the headline . . . are they making NWOs walk the plank? Tough course.
  6. Blackadder1916

    Infantry Tactics

    When I read the article last year and again when I re-read it, there was a tiny voice in the back of my mind that kept saying "these battalions are different because they have different cap badges". Maybe it's because I'm old and have fond memories of bratwurst and beer, but it (used to) seem...
  7. Blackadder1916

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    Really? No wonder you're smiling.
  8. Blackadder1916

    CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

    I'm one of those "injectees" who would be uncomfortable with being vaccinated by someone whose "medical training" was limited to solely sticking a needle into someone's upper arm. That comes from a perspective of someone who has instructed persons on the procedure. It's not rocket surgery; I...
  9. Blackadder1916

    Barbarossa - Horse Drawn Blitzkrieg

    One thing often overlooked in the story of the Soviets bouncing back from invasion was the evacuation and relocation of a significant part of their industrial capacity. The majority of their manufacturing (including armaments) was in the west. As the Germans advanced, a good portion of the...
  10. Blackadder1916

    Barbarossa - Horse Drawn Blitzkrieg

    But that supposes the US's near front was Europe. While Roosevelt may have been an Anglophile/Europhile, America had major territorial interests in the Pacific, particularly the Philippines and an affinity for the Chinese side who had been at war with the Japanese since 1931. The American oil...
  11. Blackadder1916

    Prince Philip Passed Away

    There is probably a protocol book somewhere that list the who's who that do the what what. In the absence of a GG, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court serves as the Administrator of Canada. Even if we did have a backside in the seat at Rideau Hall (and there was a state funeral for HRH)...
  12. Blackadder1916

    The New Death of the City

    I was more a Thunderbirds fan.
  13. Blackadder1916

    The New Death of the City

    This came to mind
  14. Blackadder1916

    What is your favourite Military Saying

    I overheard something similar yesterday and it brought back memories of when, as a young soldier, I first heard it. Some thought it made them sufficiently bilingual for military service. Maudit Esti Calice Tabernak!
  15. Blackadder1916

    Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    Depends on the metrics. Caliber Wgt per round (oz) Rounds per lb Price per round 9 mm 0.444 36 $0.21 .45 ACP 0.737 21 $0.36
  16. Blackadder1916

    Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    While the army may not be as anal as the navy (a service with an historic predilection for "rum, bum and the lash") they do have certain standards. One of the things taught (at least back in the dark ages) during the first drill period (first smoke break) was to field strip cigarette butts...
  17. Blackadder1916

    Navy Officer Under Scrutiny for Letter Disparaging Enlisted Sailors as ‘Deviants’ and ‘Perverts’

    If the Lieutenant actually authored the letter perhaps his opinion is coloured by his own lifestyle during his enlisted service (1999 - 2006) in the US Army. Having such a somewhat unique name makes it difficult to remain anonymous. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/224403281.pdf (his Vita is...
  18. Blackadder1916

    Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF

    Though the Armed Forces Council "diversity" photo wasn't a "political" shot. And the Armed Forces Council doesn't include any politicians . . . well . . . not the civilian kind.
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