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  1. Infanteer

    US Army Reviving the 11th Airborne Division in Alaska

    Interesting, the US Army will have 2 of the 4 BCTs of the 25 ID that are stationed in Alaska hived off and designated the 11 Airborne Division. US Army Alaska will become the new Division's HQ. The Canadian Army has a good relationship with that HQ, and its Deputy Commander is a Canadian GO...
  2. Infanteer

    Canada and the Normandy Campaign

    I've found myself returning to readings on the Normandy Campaign of late, amongst other things. I'm currently reading Marc Milner's Stopping the Panzers. So far, I think the book is great, and I intend to post more of my thoughts when I finish it, but I also found these (very recently)...
  3. Infanteer

    Army doctrine and its Implementation

    Found an interesting self-assessment. "Our tactical methods are thorough and methodical but slow and cumbersome. In consequence our troops fight well in defence and our set-piece attacks are usually successful, but it is not unfair to say that through lack of enterprise in exploitation we...
  4. Infanteer

    Decline of Naval Thought in the RCN

    Interesting article over at CNR: https://www.navalreview.ca/cnr-articles-01/ The author argues that the Senior Service has become, professionally, overly focused on acquisition and project management to deliver platforms, and that there is a distinct lack of intellectualism and sailors think...
  5. Infanteer

    Mechanized Infantry Discussion

    https://www.benning.army.mil/infantry/magazine/issues/2019/Summer/pdf/6_PF_VanWie.pdf A good article from Infantry.  Interesting use of data by the authors.  Their thesis is kind of "well no s**t, Sherlock" in that more practice and experience in the vehicle leads to more effective turret...
  6. Infanteer

    Infantry Tactics

    I dug around, but couldn't find a generalist thread in these forums. https://www.benning.army.mil/infantry/magazine/issues/2018/OCT-DEC/pdf/7_Kearnes_NTC.pdf A good article about a Light Infantry Company on a rotation to the NTC at Fort Irwin.  The three points that stuck out to me were: 1...
  7. Infanteer

    The Need for a Small Tactical Airlifter

    Couldn't find a thread on the Twin Otter.  Interesting piece at War on the Rocks about the Twin Otter. https://warontherocks.com/2019/05/uplifted-the-case-for-small-tactical-airlift/
  8. Infanteer

    Milnet Decision Game 5: Battle of Fusten Swamp

    I'll finish going through the DG4 responses this week.  In the meantime, I give you DG 5, the Battle of Fusten Swamp.  This DG is a continuation of DG 3, where all of you were bold enough to launch 2 QOR on an immediate counter-attack, driving the enemy across the Drava River and enabling 4 CMBG...
  9. Infanteer

    Milnet Decision Game 4: Seize the Far Bank

    Ok, on the heels of DG#3, which looked at responding to an unforeseen tactical event, I present decision game #4.  This takes the DG#3 scenario and flips it on its head. Like the last problem, this one looks at the command decision making in light of changes to the situation, but also helps us...
  10. Infanteer

    Milnet Decision Game 3: Enemy Across the Bridge

    Ok, just in time for the holidays is another decision game.  I'm scaling back the scope on this one, and going down into land tactics, as I bet it is in most reader's comfort zone.  This problem represents a hypothetical modern-day Baltic warfighting scenario, and is based off an old problem...
  11. Infanteer

    Lessons Learned from Syria

    Not sure if we have an old thread on this, so I figured I'd start one. Great piece over at the Institute for the Study of War taking some observations the Russians have made from their Syrian campaign.  Their website is being renovated, so they're putting their stuff up in no-frills blog format...
  12. Infanteer

    Redefining the Golden Hour

    Great article over at War on the Rocks.  The data is out there to show that "the golden hour" changed the ration of killed to wounded on the battlefield from 1:4 to 1:10.  Aside from being another example of the use of analytics in the military profession, it also drove changes to battlefield...
  13. Infanteer

    Milnet Decision Game 2: Humanitarian Intervention

    Ok, a little slow with this, but it's summer. Decision Game 2 takes a different problem in terms of size, scale, and aim.  This is a humanitarian intervention operation, with the object of setting up a safe zone for displaced civilians to return to their home.  The aim of this decision game is...
  14. Infanteer

    On Authoritarianism

    I ran across some interesting articles while reading about "Trump's base" today.  John Dean, a former counsel to President Nixon, attempted to get to the heart of who the 62.9 million people who voted for President Trump were.  The articles are here, here, and here.  Those articles referenced a...
  15. Infanteer

    Milnet Decision Game 1: The Defence

    In light of the great discussion that unfolded on the forums here, the first decision game will focus on a land-centric defensive problem.  This problem represents a real historical battle - bonus points if anyone identifies the battle when they submit the response. This problem looks at the...
  16. Infanteer

    Welcome to the Milnet Decision Game Forum

    In an effort to promote a higher level of professional dialogue and learning on the site, we’re launching the Milnet Decision Games forum. The goal is to issue out a new decision game every month or two.  The decision game will be issued on this forum in a thread with a file containing the...
  17. Infanteer

    The Value of Force on Force Training

    Found a few good articles in a recent edition of the US Army's Infantry Journal.  One was a montage of tactical scenarios from the NTC written by two OCTs.  You can find it here: http://www.benning.army.mil/infantry/magazine/issues/2017/APR-JUN/pdf/INFMAG_APR-JUN17.pdf I've included an excerpt...
  18. Infanteer

    A Rifle Company Commander's Notes

    This was from an officer leaving company command.  Some may find it useful.
  19. Infanteer

    Tell Me How This Ends

    Found a neat article describing a "choose your own adventure" type game that helps illustrate a war in Iran. http://tellmehowthisends.com/ Here's the article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelpeck/2012/10/19/how-i-tried-to-bomb-iran-into-the-stone-age-part-i/ The metrics are world oil...
  20. Infanteer

    The Journal of Military Operations

    A new online military publication has just been put up, with Jim Storr as the Editor.  The Journal of Military Operations is aimed at a niche that, as the opening intro by Dr Storr indicates, isn't touched by most scholarly journals. The first issue has an article on the role of a battalion...