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  1. dangerboy

    V-Adm Art McDonald new Canadian CDS (Jan-Feb 2021)

    Can we split this into a new topic in radio chatter and leave this thread to just talk about the CDS and the troublesome situation that is going on currently?
  2. dangerboy

    What book are you reading now?

    Just finished reading The Madman and the Butcher: the Sensational Wars of Sam Hughes and General Arthur Currie by Tim Cook (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9371064-the-madman-and-the-butcher). I enjoyed the book and thought the author did a good job of explaining these two important...
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  4. dangerboy

    V-Adm Art McDonald new Canadian CDS (Jan-Feb 2021)

    Or people have had enough and are coming forth with stuff that they have kept secret for years. Hard to say.
  5. dangerboy


    It is cheaper to have haybox meals or box lunches than IMPs.
  6. dangerboy

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Not a fan of passing the responsibility to municipalities. It should remain a federal responsibility, I think it will just get extremely complicated if every municipality in Canada suddenly had different laws. Of course, if they do make the responsibility a municipal affair then if it does not...
  7. dangerboy

    Where to find full copy of QR&O?

    So the leave manual: https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/corporate/policies-standards/leave-policy-manual.html has info about Exemption from Duty and Training and has some DWAN links that might be useful. (I don't have DWAN access right now so can't verify them). Section 8.2...
  8. dangerboy

    Gender Advisors - NATO, UN "CONOPs" and policy

    Unfortunately due to the way the current GBA+ course is being conducted online it does not give a good understanding of GBA+. The CAF should have used these as the basis of our course instead of the generic government course.
  9. dangerboy

    General Vance - Inappropriate conduct?

    The "Party Flight" destroyed a lot of Operation Honour's credibility with serving members in the CAF, especially when the former CAFCWO got a job working at the military's Sexual Misconduct Response Team following the allegations about events that occurred on the flight.
  10. dangerboy

    Can you tell what rank someone is in Civilian clothes?

    That is basically the same as our 3B order of dress.
  11. dangerboy

    Royal Navy - Two Aircraft Carrier Navy

    Never good when an RSM is arrested.
  12. dangerboy

    GG Payette resigns 21 Jan 2021

    That is strange you would think that you would want the people who are responsible for keeping you safe happy. At least I would.
  13. dangerboy

    Military eyes adaptive camouflage, self-repairing clothing for future troops

    This is fairly common for most countries to engage in research, even if it just becomes proof of concept. The data most like will end up in the hands of DRDC scientists for research papers.
  14. dangerboy

    Looking for a Reference on Anti Armour in a Mounted Context

    For info on Tank Hunting teams look in Infantry Section and Platoon in Operations, B-GL-309-003-FP-001
  15. dangerboy

    GG Payette resigns 21 Jan 2021

    Has Canada ever had a Governor-General resign before? I think she is the first.
  16. dangerboy

    A Deeply Fractured US

    Looks like the FBI is expecting troubles during the leadup to the inauguration: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-inauguration/fbi-warns-of-armed-protests-ahead-of-inauguration-idUSKBN29G0Q5
  17. dangerboy

    6 Jan 2020 U.S. Events (Split from A Deeply Fractured US)

    It looks like Toronto Police Services has over 5,500 officers (according to their website) http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/careers/history.php#:~:text=Today%2C%20the%20Toronto%20Police%20Service,calls%20for%20service%20a%20year.
  18. dangerboy

    Complete list of benefits of being in the Armed Forces

    I presume you have already checked out the official CAF recruiting site, it has a section Pay and Benefits: https://forces.ca/en/life-in-the-military/
  19. dangerboy

    New Commander RCN - RAdm Baines

    From the RCN Twitter, RAdm Craig Baines will become the 37th Commander of the RCN.
  20. dangerboy

    What book are you reading now?

    First to Fight: The Polish War 1939 By Roger Moorhouse Genre: Military History (World War II) One aspect of World War II history that is glossed over is that of the defence of Poland by the Polish forces. One of the reasons for this is history is written by the winners and poor Poland was...