Author Topic: Marks / Grades: School / GED or PLAR [MERGED]  (Read 257752 times)

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Re: Marks / Grades: School / GED or PLAR [MERGED]
« Reply #550 on: June 12, 2017, 09:07:55 »
Yes, I understand that. They also explained this. I just mean, even with meeting those requirements, would my HISTORY of missing school affect my chances?
As PuckChaser stated be prepared to explain.  If you missed/skipped school for a legitimate reason, or if it's been years and you've proven that you're more reliable now it likely won't have any impact or much of an impact.  If it's that you recently skipped school and it was because you were "sick of the system" (just an example); that wouldn't play well during your interview.
No matter the reason you will have to fill in the gap of that 1.5 years when you do your interview.