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« on: July 03, 2016, 15:27:20 »
Once again Rex Murphy pontificates and hits nails squarely on the head.  Here he covers BREXIT and then questions a referendum on changing the way we vote.  Many of the points he makes covers aspects that have affected more than politics in Canada, such as the way that we do business.  As he says, the plumber is more in touch with the people than the Social Scientist in an Ivory Tower, and I, listening to an educator at the Carlton University School of Business who is often a guest on talk radio, can identify that as one of the reasons Canada Post is providing less and less service, and raising rates more and more, while laying off more workers in order to maintain a profit.  It is people such at that educator from Carlton U that put the "buck" before "service" in a service orientated business; a sure step towards "FAILURE".

Rex Murphy on Referendums:

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