Author Topic: Op UNIFIER - CAF and the Ukraine Crisis  (Read 107415 times)

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Re: Op UNIFIER - CAF and the Ukraine Crisis
« Reply #200 on: April 13, 2019, 18:38:18 »
This, via UKR media, from the Conservative defence critic James Bezan, at a security conference in Ukraine ...
... "We should also increase our presence in the Black Sea. We even talk about the submarines, which are now in the Mediterranean Sea but may also ‘unexpectedly’ appear in the Black Sea. If we have agreements and conventions on our participation in certain efforts in the Black Sea basin, we will do it," ... If it is not done, then, in the opinion of the politician, "Putin will try to advance further in the territory of a foreign country."  "We need to move forward, strengthen Ukraine, giving it more training in terms of military capabilities, training of personnel. Ukraine is indeed the ‘shield’ that protects the Western world from what is coming from the East" ...
... and this summary from RUS state media:
... Canadian lawmaker James Bezan has suggested redeploying NATO submarines from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea during his speech at the Kiev Security Forum. In his opinion such measures would help stop the supposed potential "advance" of Russian forces. The politician didn't specify which "advance" he was talking about.  Bezan also called for increasing the amount of military technologies and weapons sent to Ukraine, as well as providing its troops with more training. He pointed out that NATO states possess weaponry that can be of use for Kiev in its battle in the country's east ...
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