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Regional Soldiers / Veterans well being networks
« on: May 04, 2014, 17:03:04 »
I'm posting this to host links to regional soldiers / veterans well being networks that are popping up.

About a year back Col. Brock Millman, commander of 31 Canadian Brigade Group (Ontario south and west of the GTA) started a soldiers/veterans network online for his brigade and the area it covers. They've grown to about 800 members and have had everything from suicide interventions and searches for soldiers in crisis, to posting job opportunities targeted at vets, to helping soldiers in the area out in times of family or personal emergency. I've seen them respond literally within minutes when it became known that a soldier was in crisis- guys hopping in their cars and driving over to check on them, stuff like that. When a brigade member's wife died, he was surrounded by buddies in very short order who helped ihm through the whole thing. Basically it's troops doing what troops have always done, now using Facebook to organize. Other groups are springing up since then, and more will appear. Whether you think someday you may need help, or you're willing to be there for guys who need it, I'd encourage people to join their local/regional networks if they exist already, or to find some like-minded troops and get one going. So far they're all geographically based around PRes CBGs as the size and existing network just seems to fit the purpose, but it can be whatever works in your area. These are all grassroots by and for soldiers, though have received support from any level of the chain of command that's become engaged/interested. These are by no means limited to reservists, or members of these units- anyone inside their AOR or with connections to it is welcome.

Southern Ontario: 31CBG Veteran Well-being Network

Greaters Toronto Area: 32 CBG Veteran's Well Being Network

Eastern and Northern Ontario including Ottawa: 33 CBG Veteran's Well Being Group

British Columbia: BC Veteran Well-being Network
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