Author Topic: Seneca College Pilot Program ( CEOTP )  (Read 368088 times)

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Re: Seneca College Pilot Program ( CEOTP )
« Reply #550 on: June 14, 2018, 17:18:24 »
I guess if I fail PLT training while attending CEOTP in Seneca I'll just transfer whatever credits I have to another CEOTP program that would line up with an officer trade (if they offer it to me as opposed to going back to NCM life) or... compete for UTPNCM? Failing PLT training should not have effect on the application since it's not the studies you fail but practical component.

Is there anyone here who has first face experience with CEOTP through Seneca? I have some admin question about going there... restricted posting? Keep PLD and principal residence in Victoria, full posting and house buying benefits in Ontario?...

thanks ;)

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Re: Seneca College Pilot Program ( CEOTP )
« Reply #551 on: June 14, 2018, 22:15:50 »
I doubt that you could compete for utpncm as it is a program for ncms, not officers (you’d be a 2lt).

Maybe they would let you switch to another ceotp trade (there are only 3 or 4 this year) but that would mean you have to do the “real” coetp program which is university on your own time (ie. Evenings and weekends)

All the reg f ncms (that I know of - only 2 people) who went ceotp as pilots and failed got returned to their ncm trade.

I recommend asking the pso these questions.

And I highly recommend doing utpncm. Why not get a degree and 4 years away from mil life.