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Re: Recruiting Permanent Residents
« Reply #225 on: July 05, 2017, 17:31:20 »
Good Morning,

Joining the CAF as a PR requires a Citizenship Waiver.  About the only times citizenship waivers are completed is for occupations where the CAF is having difficulty enrolling Canadian Citizens into the occupation; the other caveat is that the person must be fully qualified in Canada to do the job.  (i.e. a Foreign Medical Officer would not be given a Citizenship Waiver as they're not qualified in Canada to practice but a Foreign Pilot who is fully qualified to fly would be eligible for a Citizenship Waiver).

I can tell you from experience that about the only occupation currently being entertained for foreign (i.e. non-citizens) applicants is Pilot.

I've seen it done for SOF as well, but that's a little more case by case basis.