Author Topic: When to start my application and how long does it take to get accepted  (Read 874 times)

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So to give a little of history about my self
Im Kurdish from Iran. I moved to Turkish Kurdistan when I was 5 and lived there until the age of 10.
I moved to Canada when I was 10 and now I am 18 (will be my 8th year in Canada this year)
I can speak 4 languages fluently (Kurdish, Persian, Turkish, and English) and will start studying a new language this week
Im still in high school and will be finishing early January (2018)

I want to go for Infantry but it is not on the demand list, I wanted to know what are the chances of getting in and also when I should start my application. I was thinking of this summer (July) since I will start working out and will be more fit by the time the interviews and such come up. I cant go to BMQ until 2018, the recruiter told me its not a problem as long as I tell them that during the interview but I just wanted to know how long in total it will take to be given the offer of infantry or should I  instead apply for a job in demand.

And also does the amount of languages I speak help my chances of getting hired for the infantry position to go up.

PS I am a citizen and have been one for about 4 years

Im really excited to finish school and get into the army especially infantry, it has been my dream since childhood and will be working my hardest all of this summer at the gym to be physically in shape

Edit: I live in Toronto, Ontario 

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This is an unofficial forum. Your best answers are through your recruiting centre.

To answer many of your questions read these threads:
- Application Process Samples, and
- Common Recruiting Process Threads

Your language profile will assist your career, once you are in the CAF, but it does not influence much while applying.

Use Google to search for answers,   " [insert question]"
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Remember, this site is unofficial and privately owned. The site benefits from the presence of current members willing to answer questions.

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Awesome to hear that you're looking at getting into the CF as well! I am in the process right now of completing the application and such and figured I would help you out a bit.

It will obviously change a bit for you compared to me, as I am in Edmonton. But as a general rule of thumb, I was told about 8 - 12 months is pretty standard from initial application to deployment for BMQ. These are just averages and it does change depending on your Recruiting Center's personnel as well as the demand for the jobs you applied for, and how many other applied for the same things. There are a lot of things that go into it, hence why the link that people give says that it depends on the person for a number of factors. But, so long as you have everything in good standing and don't need anything further to check for when it comes to security checks or medical evaluations, you should be in within about a year.

Hope this helps!