Author Topic: Waiting on medical file (Archived in Ottawa) for rejoining the CF.  (Read 500 times)

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Looking for CF member and recruit experiences in regards to their wait times for archived medical files when rejoining.

Was a member of CF back in 2010 (Over 7 years out now) and wanting to rejoin Reg. Forces once again.  My recruit application is currently at a stand still while waiting on my previous medical file, which is archived in Ottawa. ( FYI "Previous medical history is clean and never had any issues")

Recruit center has confirmed my VFS already and will book my medical + interview once the medical is in. Ottawa Archives (Canadian Forces) indicated a 30 day turn around time for the request but wanted to see on a personal level what your wait times happen to be.

Looking forward to getting back into uniform and retiring as a CF member in 20+ years.

Thanks for the input and advice. All the best.

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I'm not sure on the medical file wait but I was in from 2005-2013 and reapplied March 2016 to get back in. Took me 6 months from date of online application to get a medical and interview then 3 more months until I received my offer.