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xx Military and First Responder Appreciation 3-7 and 11-14 Oct at Eagle Creek Golf

October 03, 2016, 21:43:42 by joe.blanchard
All,   Subject: Appreciation week at Eagle Creek

On behalf of Eagle Creek Golf Club wishes to invite the Military and First Responders of Ottawa Region the opportunity to play Eagle Creek Golf Club recently voted, “top 100 golf courses in Canada”. We will be offering two appreciation weeks in October please see attachment. If you could pass this document along to all the bulletin boards in Ottawa Region and they can simply email us and set up tee times at half price. I hope they come on out and feel like our members and enjoy one of the best golf courses in our region.

Kind regards

Ryan Little PGA, Director of Operations, Eagle Creek Golf Club
ClubLink One Membership More Golf®
109 Royal Troon, Lane, R.R. #1, Dunrobin, Ontario, K0A 1T0
Tel: 613-832-3804 ext. 2224 | Fax: 613-832-2955
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Air-Forceca-Ico Rare Eye Issue I'm Worried About

October 18, 2016, 23:46:47 by eireland
Hi everyone, Ever since I was little I've always wanted to join the military. Over the past year I've narrowed it down to applying for a pilot position in the air force. I have a rare issue called Intermittent Exotropia in my left eye, which means when I am tired and unable to properly focus my eye will move to the left slightly and I will see double when this occurs. My eye muscle has strengthened enough through my childhood where I can control it, and it only occurs when I am either really tired or trying to focus on something extremely close to my face. Not exactly sure what my vision is, I believe the last time my eyes were tested (a couple years ago) both my eyes were 20/20 and I know my vision has not become worse since then. I am wondering if there are any pilots, or anyone with information that knows if this will affect me at all. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

A better explanation on Exotropia:
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xx Herc overflights - info source?

September 07, 2016, 13:13:42 by Occam
I don't want to (ab)use my DWAN access to operational sources who might be able to answer this question, so I'd appreciate some insight as to who I could ask "as a member of the public".

Last night, a Herc (or I strongly suspect a Herc) made repeated, low level (2000' by my untrained eye) passes over our little town in eastern Ontario.  More than a few residents took to our community Facebook page asking what was going on, and some seemed to be quite freaked out over it.  I assured them it was likely just pilot training, and that I was pretty sure it was a Herc (four engines, sounded like the Herc I've heard many times).  On his lowest pass, he had what I presume were landing lights (bright lights on the wings) illuminated.  We're about 50 km from Ottawa airport, and it didn't appear to be on an approach (we do see commercial aircraft on approach to YOW frequently, but they're at a much higher altitude at that point).

Who could I ask a) if it was indeed a Herc and b) what they were up to?
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xx The RCAF Ground Defence School

September 06, 2016, 14:08:42 by daftandbarmy
You know things are getting tight when the air force fixes bayonets ;)

But seriously folks, is this something that is still practiced?
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xx Single Quarters in Comox

August 29, 2016, 21:37:44 by BloodyPilum
Thank you.
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xx Wanting to OT from INF to Air Force

August 21, 2016, 16:21:02 by crow736
HI everyone

I have been in the infantry for the past 8 years. I have been wanting to make a change for a few years now and I am looking at my options.  I have been married for a year now and am extremely tired of being gone from home way to often. I am looking to make a change. I want to stay in the military and have been looking into an OT to another trade. I have been looking into the Air Force and the Aviation Systems Technician trade. I was hoping to find a few answers before i went any further with the process.

I know that in the military it is hard to try and get the postings you want but one of my goals is to try and end up in BC on the coast or the Island with my wife. Does anyone have any info on opportunities to be posted there once in the trade?

Does the air frame you pick affect your posting a lot ?

I have seen the video but what is the day to day work of an AVN?

How much are AVNs tasked out for other jobs or sent away on courses ?

I am looking for a little more structure in my life I know it is never going to be perfect with military life I have been in long enough to know that but what I am trying to do is see if the grass is actually greener on the other side before I climb that fence.

Any help or pointing me to someone that would be willing to talk would be greatly appreciated

Thank you 
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