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xx Keeping Soldiers off the Streets Golf Tournament in Kingston, ON 28 Aug 2016

Yesterday at 22:07:33 by joe.blanchard
Good Evening All,

I would ask for your assistance in an important event, which had over 50 golfers drop out over the past 3 weeks, due to other commitments.

 I was speaking with Gerry Hartley, a great friend from Kingston about the upcoming Veterans Golf Tournament this Sunday.... There are numerous positions open for golfers... if there's a time to attend an excellent event, please do.....

‘LEAVE THE STREETS BEHIND’ Charity Golf Tournament
For the Relief of Homeless Veterans

Hosted By Loyalist Golf and Country Club, Bath, ON
Sunday Aug 28, 2016 *Shotgun Start* Tee Off – 1:00 PM
$125.00 per person Includes – Golf, ½ cart, Driving Range - Buffet Dinner, Prizes
“SCRAMBLE” format. Teams comprised of four golfers preferred. Twosomes or Singles will be accommodated and paired with others. All golfers are requested to be at the course by 12:00 noon.

Register ASAP and help support this very worthy cause.

If you wish to support this event, please contact Gerry at 613-352-5455 or by email at and we can provide more information important matter focused on assisting Homeless Veterans. 

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xx Wanting to OT from INF to Air Force

August 21, 2016, 16:21:02 by crow736
HI everyone

I have been in the infantry for the past 8 years. I have been wanting to make a change for a few years now and I am looking at my options.  I have been married for a year now and am extremely tired of being gone from home way to often. I am looking to make a change. I want to stay in the military and have been looking into an OT to another trade. I have been looking into the Air Force and the Aviation Systems Technician trade. I was hoping to find a few answers before i went any further with the process.

I know that in the military it is hard to try and get the postings you want but one of my goals is to try and end up in BC on the coast or the Island with my wife. Does anyone have any info on opportunities to be posted there once in the trade?

Does the air frame you pick affect your posting a lot ?

I have seen the video but what is the day to day work of an AVN?

How much are AVNs tasked out for other jobs or sent away on courses ?

I am looking for a little more structure in my life I know it is never going to be perfect with military life I have been in long enough to know that but what I am trying to do is see if the grass is actually greener on the other side before I climb that fence.

Any help or pointing me to someone that would be willing to talk would be greatly appreciated

Thank you 
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clip 2016 Canadian Airshow Dates

June 09, 2016, 12:49:28 by Retired AF Guy
Attached is a little document I did up showing the Canadian dates for upcoming airshow. For updates and US dates go here.

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xx AEC - Space Operations?

May 25, 2016, 05:23:09 by GHG
Hey All!

Quick question - I've seen it mentioned on these boards (as well as very briefly on the AEC recruiting page) but I was wondering if anyone had any information on the Space Operations side of things in regards to an AEC?  From what I've seen, postings seem to be extremely limited and responsibilities right now are mainly monitoring satellites, assisting with GPS etc. but I don't know if that's the extent of it or if there are other operations going on as well.

I understand that you don't really have a choice (just a preference  :) ) between doing the VFR/IFR or Weapons as an AEC but if someone wanted to get involved in the Space Operations responsibilities, would that be doing IFR? Or Weapons? Or maybe not even AEC but another trade like ACSO?

Any and all additional info is appreciated - space is just plain cool and being able to work in a related capacity would be amazing - thanks!
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xx Personal Safety Glasses

May 14, 2016, 16:33:24 by messupdude
I was wondering if it was possible if I could bring my own pair of CSA approved safety glasses to the hangar to work on the planes? I'm not a big fan of using the safety goggles that go over top my glasses or using the ballistic that was issued to us. Having a pair of Rx safety glasses would be so much more convenient.
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Air-Forceca-Ico Air Force Appreciation Day

April 12, 2016, 16:23:41 by Baden Guy
Royal Canadian Air Force

In honour of Air Force Appreciation Day on the Hill, check out our new RCAF Operations video - showcasing our personnel hard at work for Canada!

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